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Draft 1 of "Initiations and Transformations: Objectives and movement and musical scores; to accompany visual score." Prepared for Performance Magazine by Jym MacRitchie.

Cover of San Francisco Examiner Pictorial Living featuring the Kentfield home of Anna and Lawrence Halprin. The home was designed by Lawrence Halprin. 

Poster for workshop Male and Female Dance Rituals honoring the coming of spring led by Anna Halprin, New York City Center, March 17-18, 1978

Promotional poster for San Francisco Dancers' Workshop activities in Marin and San Francisco, Fall 1977

Poster promoting Anna Halprin and the Dancers' Workshop program Spring Celebration and More Water Dances by the People of Marin, College of Marin Gymnasium, April 18, 1977

Flyer for Anna Halprin's New Time Shuffle with an image of ten performers with USA currency background

Poster promoting Anna Halprin's classes at the San Francisco Dancers' Workshop

Poster for Anna Halprin and San Francisco Dancers' Workshop's performance of Trance Dance at the College of Marin gym, May 14, 1977

San Francisco Dancers' Workshop poster promoting workshopIntroduction to Dancers' Workshop on April 3, 1976 and production Trance Dance on April 2, 1976

Flyer for San Francisco Dancers' Workshop's production ofScrap at the Playhouse, March 19 Performers listed include: Anna Halprin, John Graham, A.A. Leath, Patric Hickey, Charles Ross, and Terry Riley
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