Circle the Mountain

With the focus on the theme of life and death Circle the Mountain (1985) enacted big emotions of loss, recovery and reconciliation. Choregraphed by Ann Halprin and performed by Jamie McHugh and 100 participants. Circle the Mountain (1985) made appearances at Mt. Tamalpais, Mill Valley,Redwood High School Gym, Larkspur, and Fort Mason Center, San Francisco.

Circle the Mountain focused on the theme of life against death by enacting the big emotions of loss, recovery, and reconciliation. Circle the Mountain premiered and was performed April 6-14, 1985.  Choreography was done by Anna Halprin and there were 100 participants in the performance. The music was by Brian Hand, Suru. Circle the Mountain was performed in at: Mt. Tamalpais, Mill Valley, CA; Redwood High School Gym, Larkspur, CA; Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, CA.